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Key West Claim Adjusters

Claim Adjuster

Key West Claim Adjusters is a company built on honesty, trust and truth. We believe that our assigned claim handler should be held to the highest standard of trustworthiness. Their job is to use investigative techniques and skills to query homeowners, witnesses, and other involved parties, to complete the inquiry with all the proper tools. They provide excess training and mentorship throughout the working history of our network of adjusters and will continue to further their credentials.

No matter the cause of the claim they are able to take a fair and calculated approach to the adjustment of the damage and the settlement. Theft, flooding, hurricanes, tornados, lightning and so many more variables can shake your world and have you starting an insurance claim. To help keep the process clean and compliant choose Key West Claim Adjusters to help you.

    Our Services

    Public adjusting can benefit homeowners and policyholders as certified adjusters are working independently from insurance companies. Our network of public adjusters complete many services to operate for you including, but not limited to; residential claim adjuster, commercial claim adjuster, hurricane damage claim adjuster, denied claims adjuster, roof damage claim adjuster and flood damage claim adjuster. Certified and tenured public adjusters complete the services we assign.

    Key West Claim Adjusters - Residential Claim Adjuster 2
    Residential Claim Adjuster

    Your home can be plagued by various events that can cause you to start an insurance claim. Whether you have incurred theft, burglary, fire, vandalism or natural occurrences we have a network of adjusters that are able to go through the damage caused and complete a fair and complete settlement. There are many emotions that come along with having to put in a claim for your home. These professional adjusters are trained to deal with heightened emotions and complete their investigations with efficiency and effectiveness.

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    Commercial Claim Adjuster

    Commercial businesses are not void of insurance claims. Commercial buildings are liable for the goods and services offered on their property, the good sold or leased by the business. There are multiple examples of commercial insurance claims that can be over predicted or denied unfairly. Having Key West Public Adjusters assign a public adjuster on your case to investigate and inquire regarding your commercial claim ensures that thorough investigative techniques will be utilized.

    “I had no idea what to do after my house flooded. I don’t even know how the pipe burst but it absolutely ruined my flooring! Gahhhh! How frustrating is coming back from vacation to this turmoil. Thankfully we brought the team at Key West Public Adjusters on board and were able to get us a quick and fair settlement.” Melanie R.

    Key West Claim Adjusters - Hurricane Damage Claim Adjuster 2
    Hurricane Damage Claim Adjuster

    Hurricane damage can be excluded from your basic home insurance policy. We recommend going through your policy with the insurance provider to confirm that your property is covered with hurricane insurance. This can comply with two types of insurance; wind and hail insurance and flooding insurance. The combination of these can cause damage to your home, so having the insurance combination should cover potential damages.

    Key West Claim Adjusters - Denied Claims Adjuster 2
    Denied Claims Adjuster

    Some insurance claims can be denied in unjust terms of the insurance company's adjuster. This can affect the settlement that could be offered or the denial of the claim altogether. To ensure the proper settlement is reached, call Key West Public Adjusters to assign a certified public adjuster to investigate the denied claim and come to a resolution if possible. Don’t settle for an unfairly denied claim, our experienced team is the first step to a fair and timely reimbursement.

    “Never have I had to deal with vandalism before. This Halloween my whole block was hit with serious egging and graffiti. It was shocking to see the damage and the cost associated to repairing our home. We used Key West Claim Adjusters and they did a fabulous job. Very nice group of adjusters who were very empathetic to the situation.” Ronald R.

    Key West Claim Adjusters - Roof Damage Claim Adjuster 2
    Roof Damage Claim Adjuster

    Roof damage can be caused by wind, hail, tornados and other natural occurrences. The type of roof claim that would be denied is natural wear and tear. If the lifespan of the roof has come to a close, then replacement of the roof might not be covered under your insurance policy.

    Key West Claim Adjusters - Flood Damage Claim Adjuster 2
    Flood Damage Claim Adjuster

    Flood damage that occurs from surface water can be excluded from coverage. To ensure that you are getting a fair reimbursement on your insurance policy claim be sure to have the proper insurance coverage upon purchase of the contract. There are possibilities of denial if the contract amends the inclusion of certain circumstances or excludes policies.

    “Great first impression, they were on time and courteous. Super easy to deal with and got me a great settlement. Will recommend to friends for sure.” Benjamin B.

    Contact Us Today

    Contacting Key West Claim Adjusters has never been easier; our team is available for queries and appointments throughout the workweek. We are available through multiple portals and hold a strict return policy of one business day. We are confident that choosing the right adjuster team can affect the outcome of your claim while maintaining a fair stance. Investigative steps will be taken to completely assess the damage and the cause of that damage.