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Commercial Claim Adjuster

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Commercial claims are investigated due to the nature in which the claim is related to the goods sold or leased by the business. Other causes for a business to require adjusters are reasons incurred through serviced rendered or conducting a business. Adjusters examine and assess the damage to the property of person to determine the amount that should be allocated to claimant if any at all.


Determining the facts of the damage is essential to determining the result of the investigation. Facts affect the outcome of the adjudicator’s decision and will be the focus of their investigation. The adjuster that is assigned to the case will be looking at property damage, medical bills or loss of wage statements that will help indicate the amount of a settlement. Facts are important in detailing and deliberating the cause and effect of the damage. Adjusters must follow the facts where they lead and properly deduct an insurance claim that is fair and warranted.


This relationship is based on the concept that when something happens it in turn makes something else happen.  The importance of determining cause and effect is to identify the cause or reason and what the effect or result is. Knowing the cause or the reason for an accident is vital. Once you know the cause you can move on to detecting the effect. Our team is professional and knowledgeable in all insurance faculties. We understand the process of starting or completing an insurance claim can be stressful and overwhelming. Our team is guaranteed to be with you and fight for the proper settlement with the insurance company.


Value claims concern the subjective value of something. The relative worth can be argued and often hold different value for different people. The value claim comes into effect when concerning a moral, aesthetic or philosophical value or topic. Value can be associated to non-property damage cases. This is applied and the amount of the settlement should be based off of the circumstances. Our team will look through various reports and statements to gain perspective and understanding on the case and come out with a just settlement. Value is important when deciding the different types of insurance claims that may be paid out to policyholders. Property damage can be assessed and allocated in a separate check than value.


Essentially the policy or solution type of claim is a call to action. There are always problems that arise with the standards or processes of conducting a business. This is a way to propose change in standards or policies and derive a solution. Know your worth, and the worth of your claim. Standing up for your assets and your fair outcome is what KWCA wants for you. We offer fair and certified public adjusting to honestly and legitimately fight for our client’s best interests. Call today for more information or to get in contact with our talented team today.