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Denied Claim Adjuster

Key West Claim Adjusters - Denied Claims Adjuster 1

Public adjusters are here to assist if you have submitted a claim by yourself and been denied. There are next steps to this unfortunate beginning, and that includes engaging Key West Claim Adjusters to help you. To be able to ensure you are receiving a fair adjustment of your lost assets it is important to fight for your rights. Our team is here to reassess and provide services for denied claims on any form of insurance policy. Underpaid premiums can result in loss for you. There is justice to be had with the appeal of the denied or underpaid claims. Damages to your property should be taken seriously and with concern. Our network of claims experts are able to assess the damage and evaluate the fair and right adjustment to your insurance claim.

Coverage Limits

Unfortunately, some denials of compensation can be based on the lack of coverage in the policy. Coverage limits are applied to all contracts and they can be confusing. If you are unsure of the exact coverages of your policy we suggest sitting down with the insurer who is providing your policy and going through the paperwork in detail. Coverage limits can be tricky and can cause homeowners to fall short of coverage for items that may be assumed inclusive.

Unfairly Denied

If your case has been handled unfairly or the result seems unreasonable then you can fight a denied claim. There are lawyers who specialize in the litigation of bad faith insurance policies.  A public and certified adjuster may be used to provide a full assessment of the damage from the pertaining event. Denied claims can be challenged if your rights have been violated or the contract was not honored. Insurance companies can display bad faith as they stand to loose financial standing if a claim is paid. This is not always the situation and insurers are held to the contracts they provide and the good faith that they are required to give.

False Statements

Occasionally, there are cases where “false statements” are used to unfairly deny claims. If you have documented the damage and kept clear proof of damage then this can be disputed. There are insurance companies that take advantage of their right to close cases at will and side on the opposite side of the insured. False statements can be detrimental when the payout of the insurance claim is involved. The incorrect damage report filed by the insurer's private adjuster can limit your coverage or dissolve the contract altogether.

Reopening the Case

If a previous adjuster who has dismissed your case without cause or below value has wronged you, you do not have to settle for their unilateral decision. There are ways to fight the injustice that has been applied to your insurance claim. The Key West Claims Adjusters network of adjusters are able to work on your behalf to get you a fair settlement that reflects the coverage stated in your policy and the damage done to the insured.