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Flood Damage Claim Adjuster

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We are a network of licensed certified public adjusters; our purpose is to provide the tools and expertise for policyholders to validate the proper settlement is adjudicated. As a policyholder you are entitled to a fair and reasonable settlement from your insurance provider if the peril is covered under contract. Our team is here to assess the damage caused by floodwater and decipher the origin of the water damage. Our network of public adjusters is empathetic to the stress and turmoil that damage from floodwater can cause on a family. Fully trained and experienced adjusters are sent to assess the complexities of possible scenarios. Having the knowledge and experience to work competently and come to fair and contractual compensation is what you will experience when you engage our services.


If you have suffered a loss due to flooding, the first and most important step of your insurance claim is to notify your insurer. From this, an insurance adjuster will be allocated to your property to inspect damage and document the destruction. Generally adjusters will be dispatched to the address of the damage within twenty-four to forty-eight hours following the initiation of the claim.  If however, there is severe flooding in the area this timeline might be extended.

Water Damage

Water damage that is incurred from sources other than a natural disaster should be included in the policy for your home if the cause is sudden and the origin is from inside the home. There are always opportunities for coverage providers to exclude or amend policies, so as to ensure you hold the most comprehensive coverage, walk through your contract with your provider. Water damage can be stressful and overwhelming. There are perks to having a competent and hardworking public adjuster on your side.

Groundwater Flooding Insurance

Groundwater flooding can often be excluded from your home insurance policy. The reasoning policymakers give for this is that groundwater is considered a weather-related occurrence. Now, water might be water but to insurers, this is not the case. It is suggested that if you are looking for coverage for groundwater flooding you purchase a policy for protection. If you are looking for adjusters that are committed to finding the correct compensation for your unique claim then Key West Public Adjusters is the team that is best suited for you.

Surface Water

What is surface water? Is it included in your insurance coverage? The first answer is simple, surface water is any body of water above the ground including lakes, wetlands, reservoirs, creeks, ocean, streams and rivers. Now, if the water level increases in these bodies of water, there is a potential for damage to your property. This can be detrimental to the structure of your home. Water damage can wreak havoc on the integrity of your house. To be able to decipher if your policy covers surface water we suggest walking through the contract with your policy providers. Generally however, policies exclude water that enters from the exterior of your home.