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Hurricane Damage Claim Adjuster

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Damage caused by hurricanes can be extensive and enormously expensive to repair. Knowing the absolute horror that comes with the natural disaster gives us the humility to deal with homeowners during this time of turmoil. No matter the damage, the first thing homeowners should do in care of a natural disaster is to evacuate. Belongings can be replaced but you cannot. Secondly we recommend advising your insurance company of the claim as soon as possible. Documenting the damage through photographs and notes can help your claim process move along. Hurricanes can be absolutely invasive and cause massive damage to houses and other personal property.

Hurricane Damage Insurance

Insurance that is outlined in the contract between insurer and insured is integral to deciphering whether hurricane damage is included in the policy. It is important to notify your insurance company as soon as possible following the damage. There is a window that is built into many policies that is required to be complied with. We suggest that if you are in a high-risk area for hurricane destruction you confirm coverage with your provider prior to resulting damage. This can save you the disappointment of finding out your coverage is not sufficient and save your family thousands of dollars.


Windstorm insurance is great for covering natural elements such as wind and hail damage. This coverage can come into effect when a hurricane is concerned because wind and hail are secondary to the hurricane itself. This works together with other types of insurance such as floods to ensure your coverage is optimal. Knowing that your personal property is covered effectively and fully is a great relief to residents of Key West and all of the keys.

Comprehensive Car Coverage

Vehicles are affected by hurricanes and windstorms just like structures are. There are many benefits to having your vehicle insured with comprehensive coverage. Not only does the coverage protect you from theft, glass, and fire but also damages incurred due to floodwaters, hail and other environmental incidences. Your vehicle is prone to damage if located outdoors or in the path of destruction of a storm. Get the most out of your insurance policy by procuring the right team to adjust the damage and advocate for your wellbeing.

Claim Process

Having a copy of your insurance policy is important when claiming damage due to hurricanes. If you lost the paperwork in the damage do not worry, all providers will keep a copy of the policy for their reference. Taking photographs and documenting the damage can assist with the adjusting process if the premise is safe. Try and mitigate your damages by stopping water or redirecting to flow away from the home. There are options and steps that will be laid out by your insurance company and the adjuster should be at the property to assess within twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours. If this is not possible due to extenuating circumstances than your adjuster will arrive as soon as safely feasible.