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Residential Claim Adjuster

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Claim adjusters are essentially investigators of insurance claims. They are able to come to conclusion of damage and propose restitution based on investigations. Some techniques include; interviews, consulting police records, viewing hospital or health records and examining the property in question. Certified and competent adjusters will be assigned to your residential claim. Your coverage is in place to be utilized in the case of a loss. Your home is subject to fires, burglary, vandalism, and natural disasters. Prepare your property and your wallet for such an occasion by holding a valid and comprehensive insurance policy.


Unfortunately, we are not living in a world where vandalism is eradicated and personal property is respected. There are lots of third party situations that can cause damage to your property. Malicious mischief is a top reason for residential homeowner claims. Other damages include; broken glass, graffiti, landscaping destruction, and many more examples. Human vandalism and damage can cause extensive repairs and cost an excessive amount to rectify. These can be results of targeted attacks or random acts of truancy. No matter the initial cause your insurance policy is here for cases such as this.

Natural Occurrences

Mother Nature can play a powerful role in the destruction of property. The resulting damage can be severe and cause extensive monetary losses. Examples of natural forces causing residential claims are; wind, rain, hail, snow, hurricanes, tornados and floods. Depending on the source of the damage and the coverage you have in your policy these cases can vary when it comes to payout. Natural disasters are never expected or welcome, however your insurance policy can protect you against unexpected costs associated with fixing the damage done.


Theft is defined as taking someone else’s personal property or money without consent. This technically has a different definition than burglary, and along with the difference in definition, the law also sees the two differently. Burglary is defined as entering a home, office, garage or other building with the intention of committing a crime. Burglary can become a predictor of theft as when it escalates to taking the property without consent it becomes theft.


Lighting, electrical inconsistencies, arson and other igniters can cause fire. Fire can be prevented with some proactive steps but this is not always the case. Some fires are unavoidable, but just the same destructive to your personal property. Smoke is a secondary cause of damage that is started by the fire itself. There seems to be a domino affect set off by the ignition of a fire, smoke and flames damage the contents of your home and this in turn can become another insurance claim. Fire should be covered by most residential insurance policies, as there is an imminent danger for your structure and contents if the scenario arises.