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Roof Damage Claim Adjuster

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Roof damage can be expensive and extensive depending on the circumstances. There is a lot of stress and headache that can follow the leak or damage of your roof. To ensure that you are covered for any natural disaster or “act of god”, we suggest conferring with your insurance provider to confirm coverage. Excluded perils and amendments are important when it comes to what exactly will be replaced or fixed through a policy. Roof shingles or other material can be extremely affected in the wake of a storm or hurricane. There is no escaping the damage that Mother Nature can apply to our worldly belongings.


It is important to know or discover the type and extent of coverage you have on your roof. Contacting your insurance provider can give you more information on the type of coverage you have for your roof. Our claim members are able to effectively and thoroughly investigate your contract and compare the damage incurred with the coverage you hold. We work tirelessly to make the right decision for both parties of the claim and come up with a fair and compliant consultation plan.

Covered Perils

Your insurance company may not cover all roof damage; specified perils can be outlined in your original contract. Leaks and other damage can be covered by your policy however, if your leak is due to ill maintenance or neglect, the coverage will likely not be applied to the repairs. Ensure that the policy you have signed for your home insurance has wind or hail if you feel this is necessary. The exclusion of this coverage can be an expensive subject to leave out of your contract.

Replacing Roof

Roofs have a lifespan just like other parts of construction in your home. There is no replacement for wear and tear through providers. The coverage of roofs does tend to include natural causes. To be clear and upfront with your insurance company on the type of coverage you have and the extent of damage covered is recommended. Replacement of your roof will not be covered if the damage has come from years of use and no extraordinary event occurred to damage the surface. There are cases where extreme wind, water or natural disasters deteriorate the roof to a state that replacement is necessary.

Tornados and Hurricanes

Tornados and Hurricanes are categorized as “ acts of God” and are included in most homeowner insurance policies. The natural disaster will generally not be excluded from a contract, but if your home is prone to be in a danger zone we recommend amending any policy without a term for your roof. Our team of tenured adjusters will fully assess both the contract of insurance and the damage to the roof done by such natural disasters. The result of this extensive investigation will be the amount awarded to the claimant if any is applicable.